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👉 This blogpost was originally publish at my personal blog site

Today consumers are more demanding than they have ever been. Don’t blame them because that includes even you. Of course when I click a web site/application I don’t wish to wait longer for its content to load and to start interacting with it. The faster your website loads the happier your visitors will be, saving a few milliseconds off of your website’s load time results in major impact on customer experience and business growth.

1-second delay in load time can impact conversion by up to 20% in retail.(

Strict policies for better control

GraphQL Type System
GraphQL Type System
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👉 This blogpost was originally publish at my personal blog site

Type systems are built in feature of most programming languages, Their implementations differ from language to languages and have occurrence to type check at compile-time or at run-time, may be manually annotated or system inferred. Type systems are part of long time academic study called Type theory. The fundamental problem that type theory addresses is that to ensure that programs have meaning, assigning a data type also termed as typing's gives meaning to a sequence of bits, gives it rules to live by.


Authentication or Authorization?

👉 This blogpost was originally publish at my personal blog site

Authentication or Authorization? Many folks usually mix(up) these terms and use one for another OR often use the term auth to refer both _authentication_ as well as authorization. Many a times I myself have been guilty of doing so😬. These two terms are somewhat related and have overlapping mechanisms in application security. But they aren’t the same thing!, Lets get this first sorted today.

Authentication is a mechanism for verifying who a user or a process is and determining whether they are in-fact what they declare…

A query language for your API


Not a long ago I wrote my first GraphQL service, I remember the first few days it was difficult for me to get my head wrapped around it, I had missing bracket, colons, unresolved types, and non-null errors all around the places. But once I understood what it stood for, what were the problems that it solves and how easy it makes to query data requirements of the client, Since then I couldn’t stop using it and I have been using it for almost all of my projects. …

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Software Engineer, Front-end and Back-end developer, with interest in building scalable, highly efficient, resilient and user-friendly systems.

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